Quantity surveying/ tender management

Our quantity Surveying service including:
– Prepare & manage of project cost plan
– Prepare bill of quantity and cost estimation
– Tender management
– Value Engineering
– Contract cost management
– Construction cost audit
The purpose of Tender Management is to choose the contractors and the suppliers that will execute the construction works. Our service will include:
– Prepare a tender plan indicating the number of construction packages and their nature
– Organize pre-qualification and submit to the Owner a short list of potential contractors and suppliers based on the project objectives and the agreed strategy
– Develop and monitor tendering and procurement schedule
– Prepare the Tender Document including admin document, contract document, design document, etc..
– Prepare and launch tenders (invite tenderers, remit the tender documents, collect the bids, etc.)
– Evaluation and the analysis of the bids received with the assist of the design consultants and organize the clarification meetings
– Issue the bid evaluation report and make recommendations to the Owner
– Provide negotiation regarding the contract details and pricing
– Issue the letter of appointment of the selected contractors and suppliers
– Prepare the contract document for the selected contractors and suppliers
– Award tender on behalf of client