On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the founding of the White Blouse Art Club - under the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients in Ho Chi Minh City, the voluntary concert night met with the audience with the participation of many famous singers held on the August 6th evening at the VOH Music One theater.

For the first time, famous singers Dam Vinh Hung, Nguyen Hung, Quang Dung, Phuong Vu, Manh Hung, Bach Lan, Le Hong ... and many other famous faces will join the club members to perform at the concert. "White Blouse" celebrates the first anniversary of the foundation of the "Heart on the Wall" patient.
This is a special charity music program due to the group of doctors who are key members, currently working in the whole country with professional guest singers performing completely free for the public. they love music with interest. Through this program, the Organizing Committee wishes to call for donations and support from organizations, businesses and donors to contribute to the fund.

The foundation of the Fund is a very practical job to help patients overcome difficulties and challenges in the context of illness. As the criterion "One hand when hungry, a pack when full", expresses the spirit of humanity: building sharing, understanding between physicians and patients Helping poor patients to have quality meals to restore health, overcome difficulties in the situation of sickness and illness, create a bridge for benefactors to help the poor to build the spirit of "Good leaves to protect the torn leaves", to be very kind to each other of Vietnamese's people, so that businesses have the opportunity to implement their social responsibilities with the community.

Khang Nam Engineering is pleased to support program in past year with meaning activities "Heart on the wall"
Here are some photos from the fundraising music night:
The organizers give flowers to the sponsors of the program
Many guests joined the night concert
The organizers introduce about this program to journalist
Many value guests attended the press conference of program
Many value guests attended the press conference of program