White Blouse Music Night - Raising scholarships for medical students

"Heart on the Wall" Fund Charityis a voluntary activity run by medical doctors and health workers currently working medical facilities in Ho Chi Minh City along with friends outside, they are founding this charity grounp, is a place of convergence of compassionate hearts, operating according to the principle of: Non-profit, promoting transparency, supremacy of laws and respect each others for the common purpose.

On the occasion of celebrating the Vietnamese dotor's day, The charity fund "Heart on the Wall"(under the Ho Chi Minh City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients) will hold a special musical show: with the "White Blouse Music Night - Raising scholarships for medical students"

The special charity music program is due to the group of Doctors who are the key members of the program, currently working in the whole country, along with professional singers who are guest performers completely free, That is for public interest in the music program. Through this program, the organizers would like to call for donations to support and contribute from organizations, businesses and benefactors to the"Heart on the Wall" Fund.

This is a very practical job to help them overcome difficulties in the situation of illness and illness as the criteria of the fund: "One hand when hungry", through that, we together show the spirit of nature. That is:
- Build a shared feeling of understanding between physicians and patients
- Help poor patients to have quality meals to recover their health, overcome difficulties in the context of illness
- Creating a bridge for benefactors to help the poor to build the spirit of good leaves to protect torn leaves, the mutual support of the Vietnamese people, the enterprises have the opportunity to implement the social responsibility of I am with the community.

Khang nam Engineering is pleased to sponsor to accompany this meaningful program to support new doctors on their learning

Music Night:

+ White Blouse Music Night - Raising scholarships for medical students.

+ Venue: Big Hall of University of Ho Chi Minh Medicine and Pharmacy

+ Address 217 Hong Bang Street P11 Q5 Tp. Ho Chi Minh

+ At: 19h30PM on March 2nd, 2019

Here are some photos from the fundraising music night:


The organizers give flowers to the sponsors of the program


The beautiful female doctors became singers contributing some perormances


Preparation for the music night