To continue the journey of “Let the dream come true – 3rd in 2017", Light House Charity Group will continue to "dream up" for the children at Doan Thi Diem Primary School, Bon Philte, DakNgo Village, TuyDucDistrict., DakNongProvince, we will send to them some presents for the new school year 2017 - 2018


DakNgo commune is the 3rd commune bordering Cambodia with H'mongmigrants freely from the Northern mountainous provinces. In remote and isolated areas, people living in isolated areas have very difficult conditions with nearly 90% of the population living in poor and near poor households. Living conditions are not guaranteed, the children face a lack of warm clothing, barefoot footprints, poor food and water supplies, and a high risk of rhinitis, ear infections, worm infections and gastrointestinal diseases. The medical station is more than an hour by motorbike, the roads are difficult, and the lack of knowledge about the health, the people here mainly suffer or buy drugs without the prescription of doctors. In addition, most children are only in grade 5 due to the lack of school facilities and economic conditions. 

The few children who have the condition must go to the center of the province, where dozens of kilometers rent accommodation to continue learning.


On 20 August 2017, Khang Nam Engineering and Lighthouse Charity Group will join with Tuy Duc District People's Committee to implement the program “Let the dream come true - 3rd – 2017" with the objectives:

+ Give 450 presentstostudentsof Doan Thi Diem Primary School

+ 25 scholarships worth 500,000 for poor children who hard study.

+ Organize a children's playingwith folk games to give them a useful playground and give small gifts: milk, candy, ...


Total budget of the program: VND 44,000,000 (actual expenditure will be collected and reported after completion of the program), including:

•Scholarships:25scholarships, each of 500,000 VND for poor studentsto study well. Total funding for 25 scholarships: VND 12,500,000.
•The gift:450 items:each part: 10 notebooks, a set of learning materials, the value of one part is VND 70,000.
Total cost for 450 presents:VND 31,500,000.
Fundfor organizing the program and organizing games for children: donated by members of the Khang Nam Engineering and Lighthouse Charity Group
Here are some photos of the program's activities: